How to choose perfect laundry detergent – my 2 cents

Choosing the right laundry detergent that fits your and your family’s taste (or should i say smelling preference) is really hard, time consuming and expensive process. Plus, the fact that detergents are very complicated products to compare, does not make the task any easier for you. Most of them consist of bunch of chemicals which enhance cleaning process, but are really hard to check out in action, so no point of breaking them down in this post.

Currently, the one i use is Downey. It smells great and cleans really effectively, but it doesn’t automatically qualify it to be the best laundry detergent of the year. It’s just i’m used to its smell, and my washer seems to get along with it. Except for washer, i have also just bought best condenser dryer of 2017. Which did cost quite a bit, but as you might guess, i’m really into doing laundry. Back to detergent downey – It does cost a lot, but at this point in my life, i’m not really concerned about paying couple of pounds more for great laundry detergent that i like the most.

But as i said before, there are lots of laundry detergents out there, with prices varying from really cheap to luxurious. You don’t have to settle for Downey just because it’s expensive or you consider it to be safe choice. I think you should spend some time looking for laundry detergent that perfectly fits your requirements, because it’s just easier that way. And cheaper as well.  And you have to start by asking questions, for example : What kind of laundry detergent do i need, powdered or liquid?

Detergents usually come in powdered and liquid forms and packaging. Both of them work pretty much the same way, except for the fact that liquid detergents usually give slightly better smells than the other. Some people also say that liquid detergents clean more effectively, but i haven’t found that to be true. They do cost more, but i think the cost is higher because of better smell it gives.

Pretty much the only advantage powdered laundry detergents have is the price. I have calculated, and powder detergent usually lasts twice as much as liquid detergent, which costs the same price. As i mentioned before, i think they are as effective while cleaning as liquid detergents, but they have one flaw, and that is that they are hard to dissolve in cold water. But if you’re using hot water anyway, there’s nothing to worry about for you.

Some people also think that the higher price tag detergent has, the higher quality and more effective it is, which is untrue. One easy way to determine how good a laundry detergent is, is by looking at the chemicals it possesses. The more cleaning chemicals it has, the better the detergent is. But those products are quite expensive, so yeah good laundry detergent won’t be cheap.

Out of expensive detergents, i like Persil the most. It has great smell and is very effective. But i also recommend checking deals on some unknown detergent brands, sometimes you’ll find a gold nugget for the price that you don’t expect.

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